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Water & Fire - Cleanup & Restoration

 24/7 Emergency Service




CAT Recovery Services provides a wide range of emergency fire, water and storm restoration services. Let us take the stress out of a catastrophic situation, stop the damage and help you rebuild better than ever.  We are licensed, certified and equipped to handle almost any loss in Atlanta and North Georgia as well as out of state when necessary. In all types of disasters, CAT Recovery is your one call to do it all. We will clean it up fast and do it right the first time. All of our work is guaranteed! 

No matter what you need

CAT has you covered

Plain and simple - If your house floods due to busted pipes, sewer line, or storms, CAT Recovery Services will extract the water or sewage, dry the structure, sanitize and disinfect the contaminated material and guarantee the results in an experienced professional manner. A quick response is critical to minimize damage and expense. We will bring calm to the problem with a fast, but orderly task list and experienced response.

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