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  • Alan Plott

Water Damage - Prevention is Important

When working to avoid water damage in your kitchen or home, use this checklist to make sure plumbing, fixtures, and appliances are maintained throughout the year:

1. Inspect your water connections monthly to ensure they’re snug.

2. Every month you should open cabinets, and go into basement and look for water dripping or puddles. This is a sign of future water damage from a burst pipe, or loose connection.

3. Pull out your dishwasher and look under sink to check hoses for leaks.

4. This one is important - Clean and check the refrigerator drip pan and back water tubing.

5. It is also important to check the dishwasher’s float switch and make sure it is clean and not corroded.A broken float switch will lead to major water damage issues and flooding.

6. Its good to inspect traps and drains under all sinks in the house. If you notice any water damage like discolored or warped flooring or leaks around the base of the sink you could have a water damage problem.

7. Another issue is blocked drains. If you’ve noticed that your sink is clogged and water isn’t draining properly you need help. Drains should be kept clear at all times.

8. And finally check the garbage disposal, extra freezers, and other appliances to ensure optimal use and safety.

Some minor leaks and mechanical failures can be fixed without a professional, but don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. Feel free to Contact Us for a free estimate

to ensure your water damage problems don’t become major issues.

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