Biohazard Cleanup

Restoring calm to a house or business following a a traumatic event such as an accident, crime, or vandalism is critical.  Many homeowners and business owners underestimate or misunderstand the risk associated with exposure to biological and chemical contaminants that may be present following an incident. It's very important not to attempt to clean up an area without understanding the risk and the appropriate precautions to take and steps to follow. CAT Recovery Services, Inc. has special equipment, cleaners, and processes that we use to safely and thoroughly clean, disinfect and deodorize.

A surprising, but common bio-hazard that is often underestimated is sewage backups.  Bathroom and plumbing backups are not just smelly – they can introduce harmful microorganisms into a home and work spaces.  As with any biohazard, we thoroughly remove the contamination, clean, disinfect and deodorize the area, and additionally remove any moisture.